BMS – 30 Years of Sociological Methodology

(English / français)

The bilingual English-French scientific quarterly “BMS” (Bulletin of Methodological Sociology / Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique) published its first issue in October 1983 and will publish its n. 120 this coming October to celebrate thirty years of publishing. This Blog has been opened as a space for comment and discussion concerning Sociological Methodology in general and the thirty years of publishing by the “BMS”, in particular.

Le trimestrielle scientifique bilingue français-anglais «BMS» (Bulletin de méthodologie sociologie / Bulletin of Methodological Sociology) a publié son premier numéro en octobre 1983 et publiera son n. 120 en octobre prochain pour fêter ses trente ans de publication. Ce Blog a été ouvert comme espace de commentaire et de discussion concernant la Méthodologie sociologique en général et, plus particulièrement, les trente ans de publication du «BMS».

Centre Maurice Halbwachs
Ecole normale supérieure
48 boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris


6 thoughts on “BMS – 30 Years of Sociological Methodology

    • Yes Peter, the n. 120 30th anniversary issue will include a full co-occurrence key word analysis of all “BMS” English-language abstracts of research articles and notes from 1983 to 2013 (n. 1 to n. 119). We have started posting these same abstracts here on the blog for comment by others, but the issue will also include specific thematic notes coverning the “BMS” and its work with RC33, and on survey research, social network analysis, textual analysis / “qualitative” methods, modelling / log-lineaire approaches, classification analysis, and other topics. Interesting contributions from this blog may also find their way into the n. 120 issue or later issues of the “BMS”.

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